Zero Trust Rapid Modernization Plan

As an alternative to deployment guidance that provides detailed configuration steps for each of the technology pillars being protected by Zero Trust principles, Rapid Modernization Plan (RaMP) guidance is based on initiatives and gives you a set of deployment paths to more quickly implement key layers of protection.

RaMP guidance takes a project management and checklist approach:

  • By providing a suggested mapping of key stakeholders, implementers, and their accountabilities, you can more quickly organize an internal project and define the tasks and owners to drive them to conclusion.
  • By providing a checklist of deployment objectives and implementation steps, you can see the bigger picture of infrastructure requirements and track your progress.

RaMP initiatives for Zero Trust

To rapidly adopt Zero Trust in your organization, RaMP offers technical deployment guidance organized in these initiatives.

Initiative Steps
Top priority Critical security modernization initiatives:
User Access and Productivity
User access and productivity
  1. Explicitly validate trust for all access requests
Data, compliance, and governance
Data, compliance, and governance
  1. Ransomware recovery readiness
  2. Data
Modernize security operations
  1. Streamline response
  2. Unify visibility
  3. Reduce manual effort
As needed Additional initiatives based on Operational Technology (OT) or IoT usage, on-premises and cloud adoption, and security for in-house app development:
OT and Industrial IoT
  • Discover
  • Protect
  • Monitor
Datacenter & DevOps Security
  • Security Hygiene
  • Reduce Legacy Risk
  • DevOps Integration
  • Microsegmentation

Here is the overall architecture for Zero Trust.

The overall architecture for Zero Trust

The RaMP initiatives for Zero Trust address all of the elements of this architecture. As you step through the initiatives, we'll show which parts are being covered.

Next step

Begin your Zero Trust RaMP deployment journey with User access and productivity.