PowerShell cmdlets for SharePoint hub sites

Use PowerShell cmdlets to create and manage SharePoint hub sites.

Get started

To run the PowerShell cmdlets:

  1. Download and install the SharePoint Online Management Shell. If you already have a previous version of the shell installed, uninstall it first, and then install the latest version.
  2. Follow the instructions at Connect to SharePoint Online PowerShell to connect to your SharePoint tenant.

To verify your setup, try using the Get-SPOHubSite cmdlet to read the current list of hub sites. If the cmdlet runs and returns with no errors, you're ready to proceed.

Hub site cmdlets

The following PowerShell cmdlets are available for managing hub sites:

cmdlet Description
Add-SPOHubSiteAssociation Adds a new association between a site and a hub site.
Remove-SPOHubSiteAssociation Removes an association between a site and a hub site.
Get-SPOHubSite Lists hub sites or hub site information.
Grant-SPOHubSiteRights Grants rights to users or security groups to access the hub site.
Register-SPOHubSite Enables the hub site feature on a site to make it a hub site.
Revoke-SPOHubSiteRights Revokes rights for specified principals to a hub site.
Set-SPOHubSite Sets the hub site information such as name, logo, and description.
Unregister-SPOHubSite Disables the hub site feature on a site.

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