List Template files

Applies to: SharePoint 2016 | SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Online | SharePoint Server 2013

A ListTemplate element points to a list definition contained in the Schema.xml file of a particular list type. You can use a list template to create a list.


If you install a list template Feature, install a list instance Feature that is based on the list template Feature, and then activate only the list instance Feature. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation creates a new list in the specified website even though the list template Feature has not been activated.

For a specified feature, SharePoint Foundation checks the Features directory for a List\_Template\\Schema.xml file, but you can specify a Path parameter for another directory.


The following example shows the contents of an XML file in a list definition that defines a list template, which means that the list type is displayed on the Create Page.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Elements xmlns="">
       <ListTemplate Name="announce" Type="104" BaseType="0"
          OnQuickLaunch="TRUE" SecurityBits="11" DisplayName="Announcements"
          Description="Create an announcements list when you want a place to share news, status, and other short bits of information."

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