Publish SharePoint Framework applications to the marketplace

Publishing your SharePoint Framework solutions to marketplace (also known as AppSource) and to SharePoint store, which allows you to reach other organizations and let them easily install your application in their Microsoft 365 tenant. Following sections describe considerations that you should take into account before publishing your solutions to the marketplace.


Please see the Microsoft 365 App Stores documentation for the general process for submitting your solution to the store. This guidance is the same for all different application types in Microsoft 365. Documentation also includes details on the submission process.


You will need to use SharePoint Framework v1.11 or later for the solutions which are submitted to store.


All SharePoint Framework solutions will be targeted for SharePoint store. They can be also enabled for Microsoft Teams usage and the deployment will happen to Microsoft Teams gallery through the specific tenant's SharePoint app catalog. There is currently no option to only target Microsoft Teams store for SharePoint Framework based extensibility. This might be enabled in future based on the partner demand.