Manage sites in the SharePoint admin center

The Active sites page of the SharePoint admin center lets you view the SharePoint sites in your organization, including communication sites, channel sites, and sites that belong to Microsoft 365 groups. It also lets you sort and filter sites, search for a site, and create new sites.

Active sites page


The Active sites page lists the root website for each site collection. Subsites and redirect sites (REDIRECTSITE#0) created by changing a site address or replacing the root site.
Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted in to the Targeted release option in Microsoft 365. This means that you might not yet see some features described in this article, or they might look different.

For more info about tasks on the Active sites page, see:

Add or remove site admins and group owners

For all site types except channel sites, you can add or remove site admins and change the primary admin. For group-connected team sites, you can also add and remove group owners. Note that if you remove a person as a primary admin, they will still be listed as an additional admin. For info about each role, see About site permissions.

  1. In the left column, select a site.

  2. Select Permissions.

  3. Click Manage for the permissions that you want to update.

  4. Add or remove people or change their role, and then click Save.

Change a site's hub association

  1. In the left column, select a site.

  2. Select Hub. The options that appear depend on whether the site you selected is registered as a hub site, or associated with a hub. The Hub menu lets you register a site as a hub site, associate it with a hub, change its hub association, and unregister it as a hub site. More info about hubs

View site details

For more info about a site, select the site name to open the details panel or for channel sites select the link in the Channel sites column and then select the site name.

The General tab of the details panel

To view site activity including the number of files stored and storage usage, select the Activity tab. Activity information is not available for US Government GCC High and DoD customers.

To view site admins, owners, members, and visitors, select the Permissions tab.

The Permissions tab of the details panel

For info about the roles in this panel, see About site permissions.

Manage site storage limits