Mover is now retired for all Admin led migrations. The ability to migrate from external cloud sources has been fully integrated into Migration Manager.

All FastTrack-led migrations have transitioned to Migration Manager.

Tenant to tenant migration. Cross-tenant OneDrive migration is now available outside of Migration Manager. Learn more here: Cross-tenant OneDrive migration.

A cross tenant migration solution for SharePoint is currently being developed and scheduled for release in Spring 2023.

What is a connector?

A Connector is what we call our link to your cloud storage accounts.

To set up a transfer, you must grant us access to your cloud storage accounts. Without this link, we are unable to communicate with them.

Creating a Connector may involve authenticating via OAuth or with normal username/password credentials. You only need to authenticate once per account.

Our authorization is lost when you delete the Connector, delete your account with us, or revoke our access through your cloud service's security settings.

Which connector to use for each Microsoft service

Microsoft service Which Mover connector to use
Azure Blob Storage Azure Blob Storage Connector
OneDrive Consumer OneDrive Consumer Connector
OneDrive for Business (Administrator) Office 365 Connector
OneDrive for Business (User) OneDrive for Business (User) Connector
SharePoint Online Office 365 Connector

Deleting connectors

Deleting a Connector revokes our access to your cloud storage accounts. To confirm that we have been deauthorized, visit the security settings in your respective cloud service and check for our app.

Using our app to remove our authorization with a particular cloud service is simple:

  1. From the Transfer Wizard, for the Connector type you want to delete, select Manage ▼.
  2. To the right of Connect, select arrow ▼.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Confirm you want to delete, and you're done!

Delete connector


Deleting a Connector is permanent and cannot be reversed. The Connector type disappears from the Transfer Wizard. To add a new Connector, select Authorize New Connector.

Reauthorizing connectors

Reauthorizing a Connector is sometimes necessary if we lose authorization or access to your cloud storage accounts or web servers. It is also a good first step in trying to resolve most issues with your Connectors.

The process to authorize a Connector again is very simple:

  1. Find the Connector type you want to reauthorize.
  2. Select Manage ▼.
  3. For other Connector options, next to Connect, select ▼.
  4. Select Reauthorize.
  5. Follow the same steps you performed when you first created the Connector to renew the authorization tokens/permissions.


You are unable to change the display name of the Connector. If you want to rename it, you must delete and re-add the Connector.

Connectors are automatically deauthorized if they haven't transferred any data in the last 90 days. If you try to load a deauthorized Connector in the Transfer Wizard, an error message appears, along with a prompt to reauthorize the Connector.