PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

On this week's episode, Alon Bochman is here to talk about the exciting collaboration between PyTorch and Microsoft, PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, and all that it has to offer!
Jump to:
[00:15] Seth welcomes Alon
[01:04] What is PyTorch
[01:41] Microsoft and PyTorch collaboration
[02:57] What is PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Enterprise and what does it include?
[03:39] Support
[05:33] Testing
[08:02] Integration
[08:35] How to get involved
[09:32] Partner feedback
Learn more:
PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure: https://aka.ms/AIShow/PyTorchEnterpriseonAzure
Read more about the program on PyTorch: https://aka.ms/PTELandingPage
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