Hello World: Thursday May 6, 2021

Great show today with a brand new segment About #VisualStudio tips and tricks! Should we rename Thomas segment #Certification tips and tricks so it? How about ABSee? Is it all Isaac plan with his #Azure Tips and tricks? So much to learn Have a great episode

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Welcome and News [00:37]

Azure Tips and Tricks [05:06]

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Certifications All Up [10:23]

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 Visual Studio tips and tricks [15:27]

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ABSee [20:57]

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  • Visual Guide: To Sustainability City
  • Get the guide and learn more about Minecraft resources for green tech

 Chat Q&A [26:34]

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    Q: Question in Chat - does the snapshotting work with the local Azure Emulator? 

    A: No - the documentation talks about these differences


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