Azure Backup Center - Report on and Optimize your Backup environment.

Hello Folks,

We already covered in the previous posts about Azure Backup Center (ABC),

  • In the first two we explored the overall capabilities
  • In the second we took a deeper look at the governance tools
  • In the third we discussed how to perform your regular backup and restore operations

ABC is the one single place for all simplified backup needs.  As mentioned before, everything in one interface one place to discover and configure, to operate and to govern.  This is all well and good, however you still need to report your statuses so you can effectively:

  • Allocating and forecasting of cloud storage consumed.
  • Auditing of backups and restores.
  • Identifying key trends at different levels of granularity.

Therefore, in this final post we will review and dig into the reporting and optimization of those resources and capabilities.

For more information, please see the documentation on https://docs.microsoft.com​ or using the links below.

  1. Learn more and get started with Backup center. - https://aka.ms/ABC-Docs​
  2. Tell us how we can improve Azure Backup by contributing new ideas and voting up existing ones in the Azure Backup feedback forum. - https://aka.ms/ABC-Feedback​
  3. Write to AskAzureBackupTeam@microsoft.com for preview sign ups.