AI Show Live-Episode 25-Azure Percept – AI IoT Edge Made Easy Part 2

Streamed live August 6, 2021 11AM pacific

Cassie Breviu and Bea Stollnitz are back for part two of the AI Show series, Azure Percept – AI IoT Edge Made Easy. They'll be playing with the Azure Percept DK which provides simple IoT edge hardware, model building solutions and deployment. It has three separate parts: Azure Percept DK (board), Azure Percept Vision (Camera) and Azure Percept Ear (microphone). From there we can use the Azure Percept Studio to create and deploy models (with and without code)! Be sure to tune in! Seth returns August 13th.

Learn more:
Configure a voice assistant app within Azure Percept Studio:
Cognitive Services: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesDocs
PyTorch w/Audio tutorial: https://aka.ms/LearnPyTorch/Audio
Translator Docs: https://aka.ms/AzureTranslator
Documentation: https://aka.ms/AzurePrecept_AIShow
Custom Vision: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesVision
Tutorial: https://aka.ms/Classify-birds

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