Improving customer experiences with Speech to Text and Text to Speech

In this episode of the AI Show, Edward Un is back and he's joined by Heiko Rahmel to talk about what's new in Speech to Text and Text to Speech. Landing the core scenarios for Speech service including speech transcription for call centers, text to speech for content creation, read-out functionality, and chatbots. Check it out!

Jump to:
[00:15] Seth welcomes Edward and Heiko
[01:15] Speech to Text - What's new
[02:30] Demo - Speech to Text
[06:45] Pronunciation Assessment
[09:35] Text to Speech - What's new
[12:05] Cross Lingual Adaptation - Explore voice options
[13:38] Demo - Custom voice
[20:12] Ethics of Custom Neural Voice
[22:23] Real-world uses: Speech to Text
[24:34] Real-world uses: Text to Speech
[26:00] Learn more

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