Ep 53 | Medical Imaging with Azure Machine Learning

with Seth Juarez, Harmke Alkemade, Andreas Kopp

Harmke Alkemade and Andreas Kopp developed a GitHub repository with examples on leveraging Azure Machine Learning for Medical Imaging use-cases. They'll give us an overview of the repo and demonstrate how data scientists and medical professionals can leverage the content.


  • 00:00 - AI Show
  • 00:24 - Welcome Harmke and Andreas
  • 01:00 - Applying AI in Healthcare
  • 01:54 - What is special about Medical Imaging?
  • 05:12 - Real world use-cases: LIVEcell segmentation dataset
  • 08:18 - Demo: Biological cell segmentation
  • 19:28 - Medical Imaging Repository examples
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Azure Machine Learning