Ask the Expert: What's New in C# 10.0 with Mads Torgersen

Join lead designer of the C# language Mads Torgersen and Senior Cloud Advocate Christina Warren as they talk through what folks can expect in the upcoming C#10 release and take your questions.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:06 - Looking back, would you have envisioned C# taking on the form it has today?
  • 02:36 - What was the team solving for with the new release? What themes are on their roadmap moving forward?
  • 04:38 - Does the release make it easier to evolve the language?
  • 06:42 - How to best provide feedback?
  • 08:06 - Does it excite you to see the shift to openness in developing C#?
  • 10:34 - What challenges did you face with this release?
  • 12:21 - What is your favorite feature in C# 10?
  • 13:42 - What is the best way to learn C# as a Java developer?
  • 15:18 - Is there any existing feature that limits or makes it hard to add a new feature/idea? If so, which one and how?
  • 17:41 - Are we ever going to get delegates being able to point to constructors?
  • 19:15 - What feature in C# took longer to implement than initially estimated?
  • 20:59 - Did discriminated unions almost make it into C# 10?
  • 23:13 - How do you feel with C# having two almost competing user bases?
  • 26:02 - Will C# add the possibility to inherit multiple classes?
  • 26:16 - Are message pipes being considered?
  • 26:40 - Could C# use RAII instead of Garbage Collector?
  • 27:32 - Closing Notes

Read more about the upcoming features on Microsoft Docs