Ask the Experts: Customer Experience Reimagined with AI

Observe.AI, part of the Microsoft for Startups program, is leveraging the power of voice and AI to empower contact center teams to enhance customer experience, improve agent performance, ensure compliance, and prevent fraud. Come join the conversation with Observe.AI's Swapnil Jain, Pete Lee, and Gabriela Contreras moderated by Microsoft's Seth Juarez.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 02:31 - What is Observe.AI? What does it help solve?
  • 03:52 - How does Observe.AI work? What makes it unique?
  • 05:17 - What kind of nuance can Observe.AI pick up to help people understand the interactions?
  • 07:01 - What industry is the Observe.AI platform disrupting?
  • 10:05 - How do you get the nuance from a conversation? How nuanced can a conversation be and still be picked up and accurately processed by the AI?
  • 12:39 - How do customers get success from using observed data AI?
  • 14:33 - Is there anything that successful AI implementations and projects have in common? Any pitfalls to avoid?
  • 18:01 - How have customers benefited from AI? What surprises did they have?
  • 20:31 - Can you talk about the implications if data scientists are making human behavior judgements against people in a live work environment, in the context of accurate model-building?
  • 23:26 - Does your AI require replacement of any existing technology or will it work alongside what you already have?
  • 25:56 - How do you envision the customer journey with Observe.AI?
  • 28:19 - Closing Notes