Graph of Thrones, Azure Cosmos DB vs. The Seven Kingdoms - Alan Smith

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed multi-model database service. The Azure Cosmos DB Graph API allows for the creation of complex graph structures enabling the fast query and retrieval of complex hierarchical relationships. The Game of Thrones world features over 500 characters haling from a complex web of houses, kingdoms and religions. Modeling, analyzing and visualizing the complexity of the backgrounds and relations of these characters is a challenging task and one that is well suited to a graph database model.

In this demo intensive session Alan will explain the concepts of graph databases. He will then show how a complex hierarchical dataset can be imported into Azure Cosmos DB using the Graph API. The capabilities of the graph database can then be demonstrated, showing how queries can be executed against a graph model. The analysis of relationships will be explored, demonstrating the power of using a graph model to explore entities and the relations between them.

This session will be delivered in the common tongue and feature a large number of executions, but hopefully contain no major spoilers.

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