Advisor Clinic: Lower costs with Azure Virtual Machine reservations

Priyanshi Mittal joins David Blank-Edelman to discuss the Azure Advisor recommendation 'Buy virtual machine reserved instances to save money over pay-as-you-go costs' and walks through what it means and discusses the the benefits.
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[00:00] Introduction
[01:01] What's an Azure Reserved Instance, and how does it help me save money?
[01:50] I understand about saving me money, but what's in it for Microsoft?
[02:07] How does all of this work?
[03:12] How are the Reserved Instances calculated, and how do I know I have maximized savings?
[04:21] Does the recommendation from Azure Advisor take customer discounts into account?
[04:39] Does the recommencation from Azure Advisor also take into account considerations from right-sizing VMs?
[05:01] Is there a way to view all my Reservations and utilization before making further purchases?
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