Efficiently manage your cloud operations using Cloud Adoption Framework  

Brian Blanchard joins Sarah Lean to discuss how you can efficiently manage your cloud operations using the Cloud Adoption Framework.

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[00:00] Introduction
[01:00] How are cloud operations different from traditional and familiar IT ops?
[02:23] What is the CCoE, and how does it fit in?
[04:36] Can you share a customer story about cloud operations?
[06:12] Is there a set pattern for when a company wants to start cloud operations?
[06:57] What are the business criteria to help define business commitments?
[08:24] What is the actual goal of setting the operations baseline?
[09:13] Can you tell us more about what the operations baseline looks like?
[10:04] How do you handle workloads that require a higher SLA?
[10:46] If you need to improve operations for every workload, what are the options for customers? [12:15] How would you improve platform-specific operations, like SQL?
[13:17] In terms of the operations baseline, are there scenarios when you have to exceed the MVP? [14:36] Are there specialized workloads that require exceeding the extended baseline?
[15:32] Where can our customers go to get started?

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