Exploring the tools for DevSecOps in a CI/CD Pipeline on Azure

Victoria Almazova joins David Blank-Edelman to explore the tools for DevSecOps in a CI/CD Pipeline on Azure.

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[00:00] Overview
[01:09] Let's review what we've learned about DevSecOps so far.
[01:55] Why are we focusing only on dependency management and security scanning?
[03:17] Is there a way we could see a concrete example of implementing security practices?
[05:16] Can you show me a real life example of how this implementation works in Azure DevOps? [07:46] Why do you deploy the ZAP Scanner WebApp after you built the application?
[08:43] What is the next stage in the [CI/CD] pipeline, once all the scanning is done?
[09:52] How will I know whether the tools find a security vulnerability, and how I get notified?
[11:11] By "breaking the build," do we mean the pipeline itself stops when it discovers a vulnerability?
[11:35] We've covered credentials scan results. Are there other results to mention?

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