Learn Azure Your Way Pt. 2

Want to learn more about Azure but not sure where to start? Find the resources you need to learn about Azure in a way that fits your personal learning style. Join April Edwards on a guided tour of Microsoft Certifications, Instructor Led Training, Microsoft Docs and GitHub.
[00:00] Introduction
[00:44] How do you get started if you're thinking about Microsoft Certifications?
[01:23] What's unique about Microsoft Certifications
[02:08] What is something great about Microsoft Certifications?
[02:52] How are Microsoft Certifications organized?
[04:52] What's a little-know fact about Microsoft Certifications?
[05:57] How do Microsoft Certifications help you successfully reach your goals?
[06:42] How do you get started with instructor-led training?
[07:10] What's great about Microsoft instructor-led training?
[07:44] What's unique about the Microsoft instructor-led training experience?
[08:45] How do you get the most from Microsoft instructor-led training?
[09:51] What should you know when getting started with Microsoft Docs?
[11:00] What are some tips for using Microsoft Docs?
[13:09] What should you know first when getting started with GitHub?
[13:39] What makes GitHub a good learning resource?
[13:59] What makes GitHub a unique learning resource?
[14:19] What should you know about the way GitHub is organized?
[14:44] What's something non-obvious about GitHub?
[15:09] What's a little-know fact about GitHub?
[15:31] How does GitHub help you successfully reach your goals?
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