GoingNative 13: Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit, Meet Roberto Sonnino

Welcome to 2013! We're excited to be back and we're sorry it's taken so long to get a new episode out the door.

The Visual Studio 3D Starter Kitprovides basic support for consuming DirectX 3D runtime assets produced by the MSBUILD task. This includes loading, rendering, and working with assets (including animated meshes). Roberto Sonnino, a developer on the VC++ team, created this starter kit to provide C++ developers with little to no DirectX experience with a very sane entry point into the world of 3D programming with DirectX in Visual Studio. Roberto's Windows Store app sample also demonstrates using XAML to implement a simple 2D HUD over the 3D scene, and how to implement support for ARM devices and older graphics cards through the use of fallback shaders.

We've covered the 3D Starter Kit before on C9, so check out here and this Coding4Fun article to get you started with the starter kit.

Table of contents

[00:00] GoingNative(); //Ale and Charles talk about the status of the VC++ 2012 CTP and introduce the show's topic, the 3D Starter kit written by our guest, C++ developer Roberto Sonnino.
[02:55] Ale and Charles interview Roberto Sonnino about his 3D Starter Kit.
[30:16] GoingNative();// Ale and Charles destruct the show.