GoingNative 15: VC++ turns 20, Ale turns 40, C9 turns 9

Visual C++ turned 20 this month! It certainly has come a long way. How did it begin? What were the goals way back when? Fortunately for us, one of the original team members VC++ team members, Jan Gray, set up a reunion of former and current employees who worked on the first visual IDE for C++ from Microsoft. During one of the related gatherings, Jan and fellow original VC++ alum, Rico Mariani, joined us for a casual chat about the early days of VC++. This conversation is full of goodness and a few surprises. Congratulations to the VC++ team and to all who shaped and continue to shape the product, from VC++ 1.0 to VC++11 - and that includes you, too! Smiley

It's no coincidence that as VC++ turned 20, Ale turned 40, and Channel 9 turned 9. Or is it? What's the hidden meaning in the sequence 20 40 9? Certainly something special! Happy birthday to all!!! And a big thank you to all of you who use Visual C++.

[00:00] GoingNative(); //We filmed this episode on Ale's 40th, VC++'s 20th, and C9's 9th birthday!! Smiley
[02:26] Rico Mariani and Jan Gray reminisce about the very early days of VC++
[46:11] ~GoingNative();