GoingNative 46: [Why you should be trying out] C++ Modules

At various points in previous episodes (particularly those of an ISOC++ nature) we've briefly touched on or alluded to modules, so here's the episode that finally breaks it down! Learn from our in-house expert why modules is [sic] going to make C++ even more awesome with its various explicit and implicit benefits, and you can take advantage of it right away! (after you've finished watching the video of course =P)

To jump right to the demo, click here.

Have feedback on modules? Email modules@microsoft.com
Want to dive deeper into modules? Check out Gaby's CppCon 2015 talk on modules
Want to be the first to know about updates and improvements in Visual C++? Check out to the Visual C++ blog!
Haven't installed Visual Studio 2015 yet? Click here to download and play with modules for yourself! (You'll need Update 1.)