Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 10 of n (Nov 2013 CTP)

In part 10, STL explores the new features in the Visual C++ Compiler November 2013 CTP (Community Technology Preview), in addition to the features that were added between VC 2013 Preview and RTM.

Features included in the November CTP:

C++11, C++14, and C++/CX features:

  • Implicit move special member function generation (thus also completing =default)
  • Reference qualifiers on member functions (a.k.a. "& and && for *this")
  • Thread-safe function local static initialization (a.k.a. "magic statics")
  • Inheriting constructors
  • alignof/alignas
  • __func__
  • Extended sizeof
  • constexpr (except for member functions)
  • noexcept (unconditional)
  • C++14 decltype(auto)
  • C++14 auto function return type deduction
  • C++14 generic lambdas (with explicit lambda capture list)
  • (Proposed for C++17) Resumable functions and await

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