Exploring Different Disciplines in Your Career with Stephen Toub

This month's episode features Stephen Toub, a Partner Architect on the .NET team focused on performance and building great libraries.   The libraries that Stephen stewards are at the base of your .NET application.   In this episode, Stephen shares what he's learned about how to be a successful remote worker, what he learned from his brief sojourn in management, and how having been a PM and a technical assistant gave him insights to further his career. 


#careers #software #dotnet


0:00 meet the other Steve

1:15 Toub's role and being a perf guy

4:49 Toub's start in consulting

9:25 technical writing and communication skills as a key skill for devs

14:55 becoming a program manager and breadth

17:54 picking roles that are closest to the core mission

18:50 learning he shouldn't be a manager

25:05 moving to full time dev

28:00 becoming a technical assistant for an executive

31:30 navigating reorgs and jumping into open source and cross platform .NET

33:21 big company skills, networking, and self-promotion

38:15 working remotely successfully and open source

42:00 mentors

44:00 learning perf