Mission-driven careers with Amanda Silver

Join Amanda Silver, our first PM guest to learn more about how she accelerated her career with customer understanding and how she harnesses a sense of mission to stay motivated to achieve more. 

[01:08] - Amanda's roles through the years

[03:45] - modern PM - driving culture and anthropology

[05:06] - bringing customer into the product

[07:07] - career pivot - searching for opportunities with cloud developer

[10:50] - figuring out how to bring the entire team to become more customer focused

[13:30] - figuring out how to empower her teams

[15:30] - PM'ing for Chakra and Typescript - serendipity

[19:50] - Moving from specialist to generalist

[22:40] - What drives her career?  Finding motivation in career and making the world better through developers

[25:08] - Amplifying devs

[26:52] - How did she get started?  Amanda's "nerd family"

[28:37] - finding CS

[29:53] - why PM and academics vs industry vs startups

[35:15] - best career advice : mission and purpose