Checking In: Mike Sampson - Channel 9 Cloud

We've started a new Show on Channel 9 and it's the result of a conversation I had with Erik Meijer just after the Herb Sutter E2E before Christmas 2010. Erik told me that he wanted to go around the company and meet everyday devs—the folks who first and foremost spend their time at work designing and writing code. The employees who debug, build, and check in the high quality code that produces the products and services so many of us use every day.

What an excellent idea, Erik! We will do this—and so here is the first episode of Checking In.

For this pilot, we thought, who better to interrogate than our very own Mike Sampson? Mike, also known as Sampy, is the lead developer of Channel 9's back-end infrastructure and has done some really excellent engineering in the cloud (C9 is wholly run on Azure and Sampy made all the pieces fit and work together in addition to designing the system and, of course, checking in the code). Let's see what Erik wants to know (we honestly don't know!) and how this conversation unwinds. Thank you, Sampy, for taking the orange pill!

Enjoy this beginning of a great series of content brought to you by Channel 9's favorite genius, Erik Meijer. Thank you Erik! We love you, man!