Checking In: Rick Molloy - Gone Native

Welcome to another edition of Checking In with Erik Meijer! This time we subject native (C++) developer Rick Molloy to Erik's friendly interrogation. You've met Rick before (here, here, here, and here).

As usual, this Erik-led conversation involves several forays into technical areas and we jump head first into a few rabbit holes (like managed "versus" native (versus in quotes to emphasize that it's not some sort of duel...). Erik is a managed guy, after all). Lots of great geeky goodness here. So, Erik sends Rick to the whiteboard and Rick teaches Erik some modern C++ and provides some insights into his coding behavior/patterns (which is a key part of Checking In, remember?). We also sort of learn about what Rick's up to these days (secrets, secrets...).

Tune in. Enjoy. Thanks for spending time with us, Rick!