Microsoft France: Surfrider EU | Plastic Origins Project

Recorded November 2019 | Paris, FR

80% of ocean plastic comes from inland sources.

In this episode of CodeStories, we'll learn about the Plastic Origins project, from Surfrider Foundation Europe, which tackles inland plastic pollution by monitoring microplastic and tracking the path of plastic waste as it travels to the ocean.

From this episode:

  • [01:11]  About Surfrider Foundation Europe
  • [04:05]  About AI School
  • [05:57] Seine River, near Microsoft France office
  • [07:15] How Plastic Origins is using AI and machine learning
  • [08:33] Demo with Azure Machine Learning
  • [11:23] How to get involved with the Plastic Origins project

Surfrider Foundation Europe would like to thank all the volunteers who contribute everyday to the success of the Plastic origins project. If you want to become one of them and join the project, write us at plasticorigins@surfrider.eu

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