Azure SQL VM: Using PerfInsights to Evaluate Resource Health and Troubleshoot (Ep. 5)

It is important to ensure that your Azure Virtual Machine is meeting the performance and stability standards you have established in your organization. PerfInsights can help identify and report on your Azure SQL VM health and provide references to how administrators can mitigate the risks.

PerfInsights is a self-help diagnostics tool that can be run through the portal or as a standalone tool that collects diagnostic data, produces analytic reporting, summarizes system information, and produces a system log output that can help troubleshoot virtual machine performance problems in Azure for various scenarios including SQL Server, Windows OS, Linux, Azure storage, and more.

PerfInsights allows administrators to run quick analysis, produce a benchmark result, analyze slow virtual machines, analyze Azure files, and perform advanced scenarios including xperf, network tracing, storport tracing, perf counter traces, and diskspeed benchmarks.

In part five of this seven-part series, we will analyze PerfInsights captures to review SQL Server findings, review storage analysis against Azure storage thresholds, resource reporting, and will review the system summary information that can make it a lot easier to document your Azure SQL Virtual Machine environment.

  • [00:58] PerfInsights Overview
  • [02:20] Demo
  • [15:48] Getting started