Develop applications faster with Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server | Data Exposed

with Anna Hoffman, Marisa Brasile

If you are looking for quick, easy, and affordable ways to develop internet-scale applications (be it personal blogs, enterprise web apps, e-commerce, finance, gaming, education platforms, etc.), consider developing with the fully managed MySQL database service on Azure: Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server.

This developer-friendly service helps enhance productivity by reducing the overhead associated with managing a server running MySQL. Flexible Server provides you the flexibility to develop applications using your favourite tools, languages, and frameworks, deploy faster by integrating with Azure services like App Services or AKS, and automate CI/CD tasks using GitHub or Azure DevOps. Developers can also save costs by taking advantage of options like Burstable SKUs, Start/Stop feature, Reserved Instances, and a 12-month free trial with an Azure free account. Watch this Data Exposed episode with Shreya R. Aithal and Anna Hoffman to learn more.


  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 01:08 - Top use cases for Azure Databases for MySQL
  • 03:15 - Top 5 benefits for developing with Azure Database for MySQL
  • 03:23 - Reduce operational overhead with a fully managed MySQL service
  • 04:29 - Use your favorite tools, languages, and frameworks
  • 05:24 - Deploy faster by integrating with Azure ecosystem of services
  • 10:46 - Cost-saving features and options
  • 13:02 - CI/CD with GitHub and Azure DevOps
  • 14:05 - Getting started