DevOps Lab | Infra as Code in Action: Naming conventions | Ep 1 of 4-episode series

The DevOps Lab is back with host April Edwards. On the show today, April welcomes Christopher Maneu for Episode one of this four-part series, Infra as Code in Action!  DevOps practitioners get a practical example of how to implement naming convention with Bicep. Checkout NubesGen and MS Docs: Why naming conventions are important, how to implement it with bicep, how to do it in 1 minute with NubesGen! 
Jump to:
[01:40] What is NubesGen?
[04:15] Why defining naming conventions is important
[06:00] Defining convention in infrastructure as code
Learn more:
Define your naming convention https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/IaC/NamingConvention 
ARM templates https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/IaC/BicepARM 
NubesGen https://aka.ms/nubesgen