DevOps Lab | Level up your Bicep skills on Microsoft Learn

On today's episode of The DevOps Lab, April Edwards welcomes John Downs to demonstrate Bicep's many capabilities for complex Azure deployments. We'll provide learning material and guidance to support you as you upskill on Bicep.
Jump to:
[01:09] What is Bicep?
[03:37] Demo - Bicep editing in Visual Studio Code
[07:40] Demo - Bicep child resources
[10:03] Bicep on Microsoft Learn

Learn more:
What is Bicep https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/Bicep
Learn Bicep https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/LearnBicep

Azure DevOps Docs https://aka.ms/AzureDevOps/Docs
Azure DevOps YouTube https://aka.ms/AzureDevOpsYouTube
Follow April https://twitter.com/TheAprilEdwards
Follow John https://twitter.com/jdwns