Performance in a DevOps World with Flood

How do you incorporate load testing into your DevOps pipeline? In this episode, Tim Koopmans walks us through the steps of writing a browser-based load testing script using Flood Element, adding it as a task in Azure Pipelines, and ramping it up using Tricentis Flood. Running load tests continuously allows teams to easily spot performance degradation over time.

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[01:39] Overview of Flood platform
[02:55] What load testing can show you: Flood analytics
[04:44] Aspects of Performance (PEARS): what should you test for?
[05:38] Browser-level load testing with Flood Element
[06:29] DevOps Starter Pack + Azure Pipelines + Flood
[09:02] Writing a load testing script using Flood Element
[13:45] Adding load testing execution step to Azure DevOps pipeline using Flood API
[16:16] Scaling up load tests or keeping it small for continuous testing
[20:07] The value of including load testing in your DevOps pipelines


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