Terraform and Azure DevOps – Delivering a continuous and automated deployment

In this episode, Abel sits down again with April Edwards to talk about using Terraform to provision infrastructure through pipelines with the help of Azure DevOps

By using Azure DevOps and Terraform, we're able to simplify processes from build to deployment. Gone are the days of having to do everything manually- now with a user-friendly UI, we can automate and version control with ease.

April walks through the basics of pipelines, storage accounts, replacing tokens, why we deploy to the latest version of Terraform, and the benefits of automatic versioning built into Terraform. Companies want to enable logging, track, enable borders, and it's all here built in and integrated with Azure DevOps!

[00:20] - Terraform with pipelines intro
[01:20] - Pipelines intro
[03:30] - Release pipelines demo

[04:40] - State Files demo

[06:40] - Versioning demo

[07:55] - Authentication demo

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