Azure Maps Mobility Services

with Olivier Bloch

Azure Maps Mobility Services make the life of an IoT developer easier! And they contribute towards a great end user experience. Watch this episode to see Outi Nyman, Senior Program Manager, Azure Maps, step through the APIs for these services. Designed to support developers creating smart city applications that move people and things from one place to another, they help create applications that decrease traffic congestion and increase air quality. The Mobility Service APIs for Azure Maps are brought to life in partnership with Moovit, Inc. Moovit combines information from public transit operators and authorities with live information from its user community to offer a real-time picture of public transit services, including stops, route information, and travel time estimations. Developers can access Azure Maps Mobility Service APIs through an Azure subscription. Outi demonstrates a few of these APIs including Nearby Transit, Transit Stop Details, Transit Line Details, Transit Route, Transit Itinerary and Real-Time arrivals. She also demonstrates how data can be visualized for the end user with an Azure Maps Web SDK or an Android SDK. With Azure Mobility Services, just a few API calls for the developer create a rich smart city application for the end user!

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