Deep Dive: Azure Digital Twins Updated Capabilities

with Olivier Bloch

Video now on-demand! Please note: This Deep Dive Premiered: June 29, 9am-10am PT with live Q&A. To view the Q/A questions asked during the event that aired June 29th, please go to the YouTube video here: https://aka.ms/deepdive/digital-twins-live

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Learn more about Azure Digital Twins Updated Capabilities

Azure Digital Twins is an IoT platform that enables enterprises to create a digital representation of any assets, environments and business systems. 

Come learn about the recently launched new version of the service, including an overview of the new capabilities, deep dive on architecture and technical walkthroughs. In this session, we did a technical walkthrough of the following:

  • Services
  • SDK & CLI
  • Modeling
  • Twin Graph
  • Graph Queries
  • Access Control

Guest Speakers:  Christian Schormann - Azure IoT Digital Twins

Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM

Details on how to ask questions during the live event (June 29th) - Join us live to learn and ask questions! [iCal Download] - Please note: Event has already happened.

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