Deep Dive: Deploying IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes

with Olivier Bloch

Join us here LIVE on Channel 9 on May 15, 2019 at 9 AM PST (or watch on-demand later) for a deep dive  into Deploying IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes.  Guest Speaker, Raj Vengalil, and host, Pamela Cortez, from the Azure IoT team will be doing a technical walk-through of deploying IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes and go through best practices.   More info: Azure IoT Edge now features support for running natively on the Kubernetes orchestrator. This video goes into how the integration works and caps off with a demo showing what the experience is like for deploying a workload on an on-premise Kubernetes cluster.  Give this a spin yourself on your own Kubernetes cluster (or create one using Azure Kubernetes Service) using the Kubernetes on Edge How-to guide. Azure Kubernetes  To learn more, join us for our Build 2019 session Azure IoT Edge & AI: Enabling the Intelligent Edge.