How Stora Enso IoT Solution is Impacting Carbon Footprint and Sustainability

with Olivier Bloch

Check out how Stora Enso makes RFID tags green (https://aka.ms/iotshow/storaenso)

Enabling automated item level processes and bringing business and environmental benefits to the industries, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based solutions are getting their lost interest back step by step.

Juha Maijala, Deputy Head of Intelligent Packaging at Stora Enso joins Olivier on the IoT Show to discuss his company's innovation in RFID technology as well as in retail solutions aiming at making these domains sustainable and eco-friendly.

Stora Enso has introduced the most sustainable tags to the market - providing scalability and performance, with an annual production capacity already over 700 million tags.

Solution wise, Stora Enso New Retail solution pushes forward the unmanned and friction-less retail opportunity into smart convenience space by providing scalable, modular and operative Intelligent Cabinets. Leveraging Azure IoT services, Stora Enso provides Unmanned, Automated and Always Open Retail Experience allowing consumers to independently buy convenience products.