IoTShow: CES 2015 and January Recap

with Olivier Bloch

In this episode of the IoT show, Gavin and Larry talk about some of the cool IoT stuff that was on display at CES2015. In the second half, Gavin talk's to Vikram from the IoT team to hear about current trends with IoT startups and accelerators.

[00:01] Show intro
[00:36] CES: Wearables
[00:59] CES: Automotive
[01:36] CES: Freeform Displays and Curved Displays
[03:43] CES: Virtual Reality
[05:40] CES: Smart Home
[08:22] CES: IoT Adoption trends
[09:05] CES: BYOD VR headsets
[09:46] CES: 3D Printing and Material Science
[11:00] CES: Trend: Affordable Maker Boards
[11:53] Intro: Vikram Khandpur, IoT Developer Programs
[12:27] Startups
[14:00] IoT Accelerators
[14:50] Challenges for IoT Startups
[16:35] Resources and Hardware
[18:30] Microsoft Ventures IoT Accelerators
[18:58] Red Balloon Security for IoT
[19:39] WindowsOnDevices and WinHEC