Using Markdown to Optimize your GitHub Project Recap | Learn with Dr G

Now that you know the fundamentals of GitHub, Dr. G will show you how to use GitHub more effectively as a communication and collaboration tool. One way to do this, is to learn Markdown. Markdown is a programing language that easy to learn and can help you organize your thoughts through code, images, lists, and tables.

In this recap episode of Learn with Dr. G, you will learn what GitHub-Flavored Markdown (GFM) is and how to use it effectively and how to set up and utilize GitHub Pages to promote your projects.

Follow along with the module at https://aka.ms/LearnWithDrG/MarkdownAndGitHub


This is part of our Learn with Dr. G mini series "What you didn't Learn in School", where we explore all the tips and tricks for professional development that they don't always teach you! You can check out the previous episodes at https://aka.ms/LearnWithDrG/WYDLIS_Videos