Start using the Common Data Service on the Power Platform with Ryan Jones

Join Dona and Sarah in this amazing episode where we talk to Ryan Jones, the master of the Common Data Service. The Common Data Service provides a 'Home of Applications' across the Power Platform, and we discuss what power this gives and why this is SO important to companies looking to take their app making to the next level.

Ryan Jones is the Group Program Manager at Microsoft, managing all things Common Data Service and has been about from the very beginning of Power Apps. We also learn some fun facts about Ryan that you may not already know! (You will have to watch to find out!). Ryan is also a big supporter of the community and has had many engagements across the world, sharing knowledge about the Power Platform. Learn more about Ryan here https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjmax/

To learn more, visit: https://aka.ms/LessCodeMorePowerDocs