Breakthrough Windows 10 Devices Changing the Education Landscape

Watch Marlowe Dayley and Kevin Remde from Microsoft as they showcase eight breakthrough devices that will change the way students and educators interact with technology. Learn how Microsoft and device partners are evolving IT in education as we know it through innovative form factors and features. finddevice2

  • [1:55] How would you summarize the needs of the typical school district or college? What are schools looking for?
  • [3:59] A lot of schools were looking to save some money by going with what they thought were “cheaper” solutions such as Android Tablets or Chromebooks. Why is it worthwhile to look at Windows as a more capable solution over some of those other options?
  • [12:37] Is there anything else that educators or IT working in education should add to their list of considerations when making hardware decisions?
  • [22:01] Now – if a school wants a more “transformative” device – what kind of devices should the school look at? Do you have any more examples to show?