ASP.NET Core Series: SignalR

ASP.NET Core SignalR is an open source library that makes that helps developers add real-time web functionality to their applications.

In this episode, Christos chats with our friend Brady Gaster from the ASP.NET Team. Brady gives quick overview of what we can do with SignalR as well as highlights some of the new features the team has been working on.


  • [00:58] - What's new with ASP.NET Core ?
  • [05:05] - What is SignalR?
  • [07:00] - (Demo) Connecting browsers with a SignalR Hub
  • [12:14] - Enabling WebSockets on Azure App Service.
  • [14:20] - Connection durability and reconnects
  • [17:51] - Client targeting
  • [19:00] - Scaling out a SignalR backend


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