Chris Gillum - Serverless workflows with Durable Functions

In this episode of On .NET, Chris Gillum (@cgillum) from the Azure Functions team stops by to talk to us about Durable Functions. With Durable Functions, you can create stateful workflows in a serverless environment.

  • [00:31] - What does Durable mean?
  • [01:31] - How long has the service been around?
  • [01:55] - What are some of the use cases? 
  • [04:19] - Chris shows some demos of Durable Functions
  • [06:00] - What do we really get from using this?
  • [08:30] - What are some of the Orchestration models this enables?
  • [12:58] - What does the API surface look like?
  • [18:51] - What flavors are .NET does Durable Functions support?

Remember to check out the documentation and GitHub repos listed below.

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