Client-side package management with Library Manager

The Library Manager is a lightweight tool that makes it easy to acquire client-side libraries. Developers can retrieve libraries like jQuery, bootstrap, Vue.js and others from various supported CDNs or even the file system.

In this episode, Justin Clareburt (@justcla78) comes on to show us some demos of Library Manager, that is now generally available in Visual Studio 2017 v15.8.

  • [00:46] - What's the purpose of Library Manager?
  • [01:34] - Using Library Manager from Visual Studio
  • [05:57] - What providers does Library Manager support?
  • [07:56] - How does Library Manager support versioning?
  • [08:35] - Working with the manifest file
  • [11:42] - Build time enhancements for Visual Studio
  • [13:18] - Working with Library Manager via the command-line
  • [19:27] - How does Library Manager compare to other client-slide library managers?
  • [21:20] - Documentations and acquisition information


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