Cloud scale events with Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid is a managed event routing service that can help distribute events across both Azure and non-Azure services in near-real time fashion.

In this episode Bahram Banisadr (@BAHRAwesoMe), a PM on the Event Grid team, comes on the show to talk about how to get started, discuss some of the common use cases, and show us some demos of the .NET SDK. 

  • [00:25] - What is event grid
  • [01:57] - what are the supported scenarios outside of Azure ?
  • [03:58] - What are the 3 most popular use cases of Event Grid?
  • [05:24] - How does Event grid compare to other Cloud offerings
  • [09:48] - How does EventGrid compare to Queues?
  • [11:11] - Nuget Package
  • [11:55] - Pub Sub Demo

 Check out the following links to learn more: