Debugging and Diagnostics of Durable Functions

Durable Functions is an extension that lets you create stateful workflows with code using Azure Functions.

We've spoken about getting started with Durable Functions before in a previous episode, but there was still much more to discuss. So we invited Chris Gillum (@cgillum) back on the show, and this time he will be talking about debugging and diagnosing your stateful code in Durable Functions.

  • [01:41] - Where to find documentation?
  • [02:12] -  Quick recap on creating a durable function
  • [04:14] - Logging with replays
  • [08:33] - Checking the status of a running function
  • [11:14] - Querying the history of a function


Take a look at the follow links to learn more about diagnosing your Durable Functions code.