dotnet-monitor Fundamentals - Accessing .NET Diagnostics Easier

with Kyle Keirstead

When running a .NET application, differences in diverse local and production environments can make it a challenge to collect diagnostic artifacts (e.g., logs, traces, process dumps).

dotnet-monitor aims to simplify this process by exposing a consistent HTTP API regardless of where your application is run.

Join us in this video to learn more about getting started with dotnet-monitor, with hands-on demos to give you experience using dotnet-monitor locally with your own test application.


  • 00:00 -Intro
  • 00:27 -What is dotnet-monitor?
  • 01:14 -Installation
  • 01:31 -Commands and Configuration
  • 03:14 -Collecting your first artifacts
  • 05:17 -Collection Rules
  • 08:08 -Outro