Empowering the next generation through the Hidden Genius Project

In life, we all need a little help sometimes to reach that next level. That's what the team behind the Hidden Genius project is trying to do by opening up the world of technology to young men of color.

In this episode, Sean Valentine of the Hidden Genius projects gives us some insight into program and how it is positively changing the lives of its students.

  • [01:27] - How can a student expect from this program?
  • [02:38] - What's happens with some of the students after the program?
  • [03:58] - Empowering expressiveness through code
  • [06:44] - How are past students paying it forward?
  • [09:14] - Breaking down stereotypes
  • [T11:011] - How can you support the program?
  • [14:06] - What's the future of Hidden Genius look like?


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