Managing application permissions with PolicyServer

Security is always a major concern in any application that gets developed. Not only do users need to be authenticated to identify themselves, but applications also need to verify that their users have the correct permissions to carry out certain tasks. 

In this episode, we're joined by Brock Allen (@brocklallen) and Michele Bustamante (@michelebusta), who are here to talk about managing application permissions using their new project - PolicyServer.

  • [00:20] - What is PolicyServer
  • [05:00] - Does PolicyServer only work with IdentityServer?
  • [05:30] - Where to go to find out more?
  • [07:18] - PolicyServer Web Demo
  • [08:46] -  Identity roles vs Application roles
  • [11:13] - What are some ways to model permissions in PolicyServer?
  • [13:27] - What is PolicyServer built with?

If you want to learn more about PolicyServer and security in ASP.NET, take a look a some of the following links.